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Dentures and Implants in New Hyde Park, NY

Dental Implants That Improve Your Bone Structure

Improve your smile with dental implants from Quality Dental Care. Whether you need one tooth or an entire mouth replacement, we have your needs covered with dental implants. Implants do more than replace your teeth. When implants are put in place, they help with the integrity and structure of the bone. Visit our office or call for a consultation on dentures and implants.

Technology for Accurate Placement

Treatment is as easy as getting a CT scan with our 3D modelling technology where we determine where the tooth is missing and where to accurately place your new implant. We'll make sure that the implant will be in sound bone and properly set. After the extraction, we will place a bone graft in the extracted area, which assists in building a sufficient amount of bone in which to place an implant.


If you are adhering to a stricter budget, you also have the option of a full denture replacement, where we place a denture on four implants. We can support full and partial dentures, which gives you the confidence you deserve in social gatherings.

Dentures in New Hyde Park, NY